Conveniently located on Cataldo, between Division and Ruby, near downtown Spokane.

Come see our retail shop and grab a cookie, cupcake, pineapple upside down, whoopie pie, seasonal dessert, or brownie, and a coffee or tea! We also have an exciting new boutique, filled with baking trinkets, one of a kind cookie jars, and other specialty gifts for purchase. Although we are located on Cataldo, along with Chipotle Mexican Restaurant and Super Cuts, our address is: 920 N. Division.

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Marsells original commercial/wholesale shop is still located just 10 minutes south from downtown Spokane, Washington, in a beautiful treed area called Paradise Prairie. 

The owner, Marcel Kopplin, is nationally Certified as a cake decorator and journey baker with the Retail Bakers Association of America.

Marcel wants you to take a look at the cakes and information in this website with hopes that you will be pleased and excited at some of the products you will see.

Please enjoy your journey through this website, have fun, and most of all share it with others!



Marcel Kopplin, CD, CJB
(509) 448-2512
P.O. Box 52, Marshall, WA 99020